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Islamic Consumer & Corporate Financing

Our aim is to invest in entities that will practice Islamic Financing. As such our investee company 3LYON Capital ensures leading through its subsidiaries comply with the rigorous process of Syariah Compliant certification just so that we can give the added confidence to all our clients and stakeholders of adhering to the Islamic financial principles of Wadiah (safekeeping), Musharaka (joint venture), Murabahah (cost-plus), and Ijara (leasing).



KVB is passionate that People, Planet and Profit can co-exist. It is through this steadfast and burning commitment that our organisation is helmed by people that embodies ESG and we look to invest in organisations that share this vision. The organisations that we commit to will either be already on the ESG path or commit to embark on the journey.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods - Manufacturing & Distribution

The current world population is 7.6billion. It is estimated that humankind will reach 9billion by 2040 and by 2050 – 10billion.

Amongst others, consumer goods will thus be in great demand. We believe that investments in Consumer Goods Manufacturing and Distribution will enable us to do our part in bringing smiles to consumers as well as our stakeholders. Responsible Manufacturing and Distribution along ESG values will ensure that the world will be able to balance in providing for the consumer demand and ensuring sustainability.



Kuber identifies potential investee companies that require capital to grow and enhance its position the sector. The company believes the medical-rehabilitation sector, food growth sector, information technology, disruptive technology sector, logistics, and warehousing are sectors that will see phenomenal growth over the next ten years. 

The company intends to undertake major acquisitions and bold moves into these sectors and benefit from the expected growth.

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